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Info - 10 Questions About Google Chrome OS

Google has issued an official statement that they will make their own operating system which they called Google Chrome OS. The presence of the operating system made by Google is certainly going to jazz up competition with Microsoft, Apple and all Linux distributions.

Previously Google had already started to jump into the smartphone operating system with Google Androidnya. But not much information provided by Google on Chrome the operating system other than a few things made public as open-source, will be launched in 2010 and designed for netbooks.

But for us who want to know more about the operating system from Google's Chrome have 10 questions we need to know about it, namely:

1. What is Chrome's operating system?

Chrome the operating system made by Google is Google's first attempt to create an operating system for computers. Android is backed by Google has been successful in mobile platforms, as well as the Chrome browser and Google seems to have felt that it was now time for them to make an operating system that eventually aimed at the more users who use the computer to surf the internet.

"Speed, simplicity and security are key aspects of the operating system made by Google's Chrome," according to a statement from Google. "We designed the operating system quick and small, start-up and take you to the web.

"Interface deliberately minimal, and most intended to use on the web."

2. When will we start to use Chrome the operating system?

Google says that the code will be available for developers at the end of this year and their predictions that users can buy the operating system-based netbook Chrome in the second half of next year.

"Last year we were going to opensource the code, and the netbook which uses artificial Operating System Google Chrome will be available to users in the second half of 2010," said Sundar Pichai, VP Product Management, and Linus Upson, engineering director at Google blog .

"Because we've talked with our partners on this project, and in the near future we will cooperate with the open source community, we want to share our vision now so that everyone will understand what we wanted to try to achieve."

3. Does Microsoft do not have to worry about competing with Windows 7 then?

In contrast, the operating system made by Google's Chrome will be able to compete with Windows 7 because in addition to Windows 7 will be able to run on netbooks, as designation Chrome, Google also has the ability to fund big enough to compete with Microsoft.

Google feels that for the future users will use their computer for the purposes of the virtual world that was made to launch the idea of Chrome the operating system.

4. Can run on my computer?

"Operating System Google Chrome will be made to walk, either in ARM or x86 chips, and now we're working with OEMs to Chrome based netbooks already be available on the market next year," said Google.

Compatibility becomes a big concern for Google, but by using the Linux kernel with penjendelaan system, and working with partners strong, Chrome the operating system will be available on most PC platforms.

5. If so integrated with the web, whether to secure?

Google must have thought about it. Security is very important and each of us would want our computers safe.

"... As we did with Google Chrome browser, we'll go back to basics, and redesigning everything to do with the security architecture of the operating system so users will not be preoccupied with viruses, malware and security updates. Should like that, "said Google.

6. Are all done by Google?

No. Google has asked the open source community to help them remember this project built on the Linux kernel is open nature.

"We still have to get a lot done, and of course we will need help from the open source community to enhance this vision."

7. So how this can make use of computers for the better?

Chrome the operating system focuses on the web and Google hope their vision in Chrome spawn will go smoothly.

"Speed, simplicity and security are key aspects of the operating system Chrome," Google said. "We designed the operating system is fast and light, which can start up and then open the web in a matter of seconds."

So what functionality offered by Chrome?

"People want to open their email quickly, without waiting for the computer to boot up and wait to open the browser," Google said.

"They want their computers as fast as when they first bought it. They want their data can be accessed wherever they were and without fear of losing or forgetting to backup computer files.

"And more importantly, they do not want to spend time to configure their computers to work with any existing hardware or worry about having to continue to update the software."

8. What does this mean for Android?

Powered by Google's Android as the operating system for mobile platforms, while Chrome is for netbook.

"The operating system made by Google's Chrome is a new project, separate from Android." Outlined by Google.

"Android was designed from the beginning to work in a variety of devices ranging from phones to netbooks.

"The operating system made by Google's Chrome is made for people who spend most of his time on the web and is designed to strengthen the netbook computers from small to large desktop system.

"In the future there may be sections where the operating system made by Google's Chrome and Android will overlap, we believe there are options that will bring innovation and benefits to all, including Google."

9. Given that this is a sign to turn off the Linux distributions such as Ubuntu and Fedora?

Google make their own Linux-based operating systems, and of course it would be 'competitors' for some major Linux distributions such as Ubuntu.

But on the other side with the allocation of Chrome for netbooks then believed that it would further raise Linux to netbook market.

10. How much does it cost?

Chrome-based Linux, open source, and of course most likely for free. And possibly Google will try to make money from corporate support.


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