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Accelerate Firefox Browser with SpeedyFox

Firefox as the browser of the most popular and most widely used has many advantages. Moreover, available number of add-ons that further enhance Firefox. But the weakness of Firefox is take a long time during startup and slow browsing histories. The weakness was mostly due to the fragmentation of the database

SpeedyFox is a small application to fix the weaknesses firefox with just one click. After you optimize firefox with this tool you will find that firefox is faster. SpeedyFox will make the startup speed of firefox 3 times faster, browsing histories became faster and perform operations with cookies will be faster than ever

After you download SpeedyFox, you can run this program and select the menu "Speed Up My Firefox! . Before you run SpeedyFox do not forget to close first your Firefox Browser

Optimization process will take a very short time. Now you can enjoy a better Firefox than ever

Download : SpeedyFox


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